Furniture Makeover Throwback

     Ahhh... lets go back to my first largest furniture makeover transformation.  I went with my friend Donna to our local Habitat for Humanity Restore in Sanford, FL.  We walked in and she showed me a row of these entertainment units that used to house flat screens, refrigerators and Disney vacation clothes at the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa.  The rooms were getting a makeover and the local Habitat stores were selling everything that came out of each room.  These units were solid cherry wood and boy were they heavy.  They came apart into a top and a bottom piece which made it a little easier for transportation. We started talking and she said she had the idea to turn them into bars. I sat quiet for a minute listening to her thoughts and the idea was born.  The fun part was renting the U-Haul to bring these units back to my garage.  In all we made a UCF one, a Gator one and a Seminole One.  Each one was a long process but man they turned out unique and really are a one of a kind.
The first step was to take off all the hardware, remove the drawers and the drawer handles.  We then used a good primer and paint and it took several layers to get a perfect finish.  Then, we added the mirror to the back and a side hook for a bar towel.  Wooden wine organizers were added in the drawers and the final touch was the UCF sticker.  So much fun and a lot of hard work!

UCF Knights Bar
Wine Drawers
Fridge Behind the Door
Florida Gators Bar
There are so many furniture makeover ideas on the internet.  Find something you like and give it a try!