Valentine's Day Super Cute Deco Mesh Wreath- $15

This was so easy and so much fun to make!  I purchased a Christmas mesh deco wreath from a lady in the neighborhood on our local buy sell site.  It was wonderful but it also cost $40.  I decided I would like  to have one for every holiday so I watched some YouTube videos and ordered a whole bunch of deco mesh, wire frames and chenille stems from
I gathered all of my supplies which included the mesh, and wire frame purchased from paper mart and the embellishments from dollar tree.  I watched several different You Tube  videos again. To my surprise I ordered the wrong size mesh LOL. I was supposed to order the 21 inch width roll and I ordered the 10 inch roll.  So instead of only going around one time with mesh on the wreath,  I ended up having to go around three times.  I did two times around with red and one time around with pink and in the long run it turned out fine.  I never thought I could have done such a good job on this wreath and it was so super easy. I cannot wait until it's time to make the St. Patrick's Day one next!

Here is a breakdown of the cost of the wreath
- 18 inch wire frame 2.50
- 3 rolls of mesh 5.50 
- center wood piece- 1.00
- heart magnets- 1.00
- 4 spools of ribbon 2.00 (only used a little bit of each one 
- foam and glitter hearts- 2.00
- Chenille Stems- $1.00

TOTAL= $15 and 1 hour to make