$6 Goodwill Upcycled Personalized Wall Art


I was shopping at Goodwill back in January and saw this piece of art.  At first you might think, wow this is awful, but I knew eventually it would turn into something great!  The price was only $6 and it was super heavy and a custom piece based on the paper and staples on the back. I bought it and it sat in my garage for months.  

I was rummaging around the garage looking for something and stumbled on two items that you will shortly read about. Then I got the idea in my head how I wanted to transform this art piece and where exactly to put it in my home.  I started out by using my favorite flat black Rustoleum spray paint and painted the frame as well as the painting on the inside.  

Once the paint was finished, I used this roll of French Script wrapping paper from Ballard Designs.  It was on clearance about 2 years ago so I gobbled up 5 rolls not knowing what I would use it for.  

I rolled it out and used spray tacky glue and an Exacto Knife to trim the edges.  

Apparently I ordered this monogram vinyl from Jane some time ago and forgot about it. So I carefully rolled it out on the frame and it barely fit! I did a little trimming on the K on the bottom right but that does not take away from the look of the art. There we have it.  The S in the middle is my last name of Smith and the J on the left is for hubby Joel and daughter Jordyn and the K on the right is for me, Kelly and daughter Kaitlyn. I then hung it in the foyer and it looks so good! Can't wait to finish the foyer so I can take a photo and post it!  

Start Small, Great Design takes time- Enjoy!