Authentic Colonial 5 Panel Door Turned Unique Jewelry and Accessory Holder!


This project all started with this old 5 panel colonial door from Georgia.  It smelled a wee bit like mold and when my friend Linda drove it home for me in her van she gagged the whole way lol.  While this beauty sat in the garage, I collect old knobs and pulls as well as new glass knobs from Hobby Lobby! I took it over to my dad's and let it air out in his workshop for a few months! 

Then the girls and I came over and worked our magic.  First, I sanded to get it nice and smooth.  I counted 5 layers of paint. Imagine all the history that door has been through.  After sanding, I mixed a few colors of paint together until the perfect shade was achieved and then the painting began. In all,we painted two coats.  

We let it dry for a few hours, did some nice distressing (seen in the final product) and then back in the car she goes to get her bling put on at the house.  I didn't have any plan where the knobs and handles would go, just thought I'd decide as we were hanging them.  

Ta Daa!  This is how it turned out! I wish the picture was bigger but since the door was so tall, I wanted to get all of it in there.  

A nice up close shot of this beautiful piece.  I hung a lot of the hooks at different angles for different lengths of necklaces and other items.  That knob on the left holds rings. The great thing about this holder is that it is a nice solid wood door and it leans against the wall and is completely mobile! I can also add more hooks and knobs are needed if my collection gets too big! 

Have you guys ever made your own jewelry holder?  I'd love to hear about it and what are your thoughts on this one?


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