Inspired by Joanna Gaines | Fixer Upper | PART SIX | WALL DECOR

This is my absolute FAVORITE part of this series as wall decor can really transform a space to make it truly unique!

When it comes to decorating your walls, it can be intimidating and for this reason, you might focus on other areas in your home but not your walls. Here are a few tips to help you create a designer look no matter where you place the decor. All of the product items shown in this post are available from my advertising partner, Wayfair. 

Found Ojects

I love watching the show and seeing how Joanna incorporates "found" items to make them a statement piece. She uses pieces never meant to be home decor but once served a different purpose. Things such as old school chalkboards, A window panel with layers of chipping paint,and empty picture frames arranged in an appealing pattern. One of my favorite areas of wall decor in my home is the sitting room with two old wooden shutters. I added a green wreath with burlap ribbon and they are such a conversation starter when guests come over.

Single Decor No More
I have this as number one because the easiest way you can create a focal point is to stay a way from a single painting or mirror, especially along a huge wall.  Even if you have a small wall, you can create a great composition that will draw your eye to the space. Lets take a peek at my foyer wall composition.  

The decorating style of the past would be just to add a larger single piece of art in the middle and maybe some candle sconces on each end.  Here are the reasons this post averages about 60 pins per week on Pinterest.

- If you look at the overall shape of the pieces, it is not a rectangle. The overall heights of the decor stair steps around the edges.

- When it comes to the shapes, they are square and rectangular. However, they are different widths and heights which give so much interest.  Just think, if the square tin tile at the top was hung parallel to the bottom, there would not be much interest but since it is hung so it looks like the shape of the diamond, that adds more interest.

- The colors of each piece are balanced.  There are two black and white pieces and two cream pieces.  The black wall art pieces are hung on the outside to create sort of a frame.  

- There is a mixture of old and new pieces.  You cant go wrong with an old wooden window.  The use of up-cycled materials is the way to go! 

- When creating this wall composition, I wanted it hung very close to the table so when looking at eye level, you can see all of it. 

Eye Level Baby
When hanging art, people often make the mistake of hanging it too high!  The rule of thumb is that the center of the picture should be at eye level.  When hanging art over a sofa or a buffet, it should be two-thirds the width of the sofa.  For example, if the sofa is 9 feet wide, the composition should at least by 6 feet wide.
Mix It Up
When hanging a few pieces on the wall next to each other, use different colors, sizes, and shapes of art.  This will make your eye focus on the wall. Things that don't match can be visually appealing.

Have Fun
Place and purchase art and wall decor that you love!  Don't just buy something because you need it.  You will be looking at it daily so make sure it is something that makes your heart smile! 

Here are a few pieces I have found from my favorite affiliate link stores. Click on each one to be taken directly to their on line store.  
Super cute to hang in your bathroom or by the front door!
'World Map' Graphic Art on Plaque

Start Small, Great Design Takes Time- Enjoy! 

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