Five Picture Perfect Rustic Farmhouse Living Rooms, Each With ONE Element Inspired by Joanna Gaines

Happy Friday Everyone! Today I am sharing FIVE beautiful living rooms with elegant and rustic elements that bring coziness to my heart when I see them. Each room also has at least ONE design element inspired by Joanna Gaines style.  Each photo is clickable and will take you to my advertising partner Wayfair. Each photo has several items you can view and see if they will work in your space!

I love this photo for the amazing wall composition and my favorite part of this space is the chalkboard calendar. So many farmhouse elements are used here and just looking at the photo makes me want to visit the country and raise chickens, lol! I love the use of the cotton branches in the pitcher.  I have a pitcher of cotton branches on a dresser in my living room and receive so many compliments.  Unique items in your home is what makes it special. 

These chandeliers make a bold statement even though they are simple and have so many bright shiny lights. They can be purchased from Wayfair and I really wished I had a tall space to put one! My second favorite part about this living room is the vaulted shiplap ceilings with the rustic wood beams.  The architecture of this space is amazing with the wide doors and arched windows. Look closely at the herringbone tile pattern inside the fireplace. There are little amazing surprises everywhere in this space. 

This is the first time I have seen rustic wood being used as a valance and it is absolutely a genius idea. I  love how the dark wood floors stand out against the light walls and furniture. The blue barn door adds a slight bit of color and interest. Couldn't you just see yourself snuggling on the couch with that super cute blanket. The gold quatrafoil side table blends in perfectly with the rustic decor. 
This living room is cozy and elegant but the two rectangular door panels on the walls add a small touch of rustic to the space. They are the perfect size for the wall space and blend in nicely wit the furniture.  I wish I could have light furniture like this in my home but with kids and dogs, its not happening right now.  Take a peek in the bottom left hand corner. Do you see the old books tied up and placed on the sofa table as a decoration. Old books are amazing and can be used in so many ways. 
This room blends the old and new perfectly. The furniture is clean and new while the sofa table,  chair and cabinet add the rustic aged element. Little pops of coral can be seen throughout this space and the blue can be seen in the chair, the flower pot on the table and the background behind the print. The bold wooden chandelier works well with the color of the floor and the room looks so bright.  

My three favorite design elements in this living room are the guitar, the M on the wall and the lamp. A guitar can be used as a design element as well as entertainment for family and friends. The M on the wall reminds me of "Magnolia" and the shape and finish of the table lamp remind me of a bankers lamp. I just noticed the herringbone pattern on the pillows, just like the tile pattern inside the fireplace on the first living room photo. I can imagine how soft the rug would be between my toes.  

Start Small- Great Design Takes Time- ENJOY!


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