I'm so excited to share these FIVE Kitchen Pendant ideas rooms with you. These lights can be the Diamond Rings of your space to choose pieces you fall in love with. Remember, you can "Shop The Look" through Wayfair by choosing a photo. Here are a few tips for choosing Kitchen Pendant Lighting for your space. 
-  Add a dimmer switch to your lights to create the perfect mood. 

-  Kitchen pendant lights should be hung 12-20inches below and 8 foot ceiling. For each additional foot of ceiling height, add three inches. 
-  Kitchen pendant lights should be hung at least 30 inches above the island. 

-  Before the lights are installed, make sure you adjust the height to your liking, the look you love is up to you. 
-  Space the lights evenly over the island or eating area.

-  If you choose large bold, pendants two would work in most spaces. 
-  If you choose smaller pendants, three pendants would work in most spaces. 
-  When it comes to the light finish, keep the lights, cabinet knobs and sink faucet the same. 

Start Small- Great Design Takes Time- ENJOY! 


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