Inspired By Joanna Gaines| Fixer Upper | PART TWO | ACCESSORIES


I am totally in love with all of these items featured in this post today. After watching every single episode of Fixer Upper, I have noticed that Joanna purchases items at antique stores,thrift shops and uses found items and architectural pieces. In return it creates a very neutral color scheme. Paired with neutral wall colors in white and gray, most accessories are wood, metal and distressed. WWW.ANTIQUEFARMHOUSE.COM is one of my newest favorite stores. They have a huge variety of found rustic vintage items. All of the items are priced reasonable and are so unique. Antique Farm House is a store with a weekly/daily deal concept so items will not always be available. View additional items specs by clicking on each photo. 

Double Sided Clock
Accessorizing Tips from Me:  

1.  Shop at thrift stores for books.  Take the jacket cover off         them and display in stacks.  Choose black and neutral color         covers. 

2.  When styling an end table, buffet or dresser, use items of           various heights and materials.  Creates more visual                 stimulation. 

3.  Group items together in odd numbers. 

4.  Layering- This is key.  Stack a candle on top of a set of books.     Place a vintage textile in a tray and then stack a rustic           lantern grouping together on top. 

5.  When choosing a color scheme for your home, choose one with 3-4     colors and purchase accessories in those color and spread           throughout the home in various ways. 

Two Tier Distressed Wood Tray
This distressed wood tray can be used in about every room of your house.  Display cupcakes at a birthday party or add white candles on both tiers for a special occasion. 

Glass Dome Pedestals
These glass dome pedestals above are so versatile.  In the spring fill them with fresh flowers and in the fall with colorful gourds from the grocery store.  At Christmas time, add ornaments and your centerpiece is complete!  
Green Metal Garden Basket

This Green Metal Garden Basket has a world of opportunities in your home.  Place it next to your sofa for magazines, the newspaper or blankets.  Place it next to your fireplace and fill with pine cones.  How about at your dinner table filled with warm bread?  Endless possibilities. 

Hanging Glass Rack

How cool would it be to hand wash your glasses and place them here to dry.  No more reaching in a cabinet to get a glass!  Hang ornaments from them at Christmas and wrap each layer in garland.  

Huge School House Double Sided Chalkboard
This school house chalkboard takes you back to the good ole days.  Place in the kitchen with your weekly dinner menu or how about in the mud room with your families weekly schedule.  Hang in your pantry to create a grocery list and then snap a photo and your off to the store!

Park Hill Lanterns Set of Three
This set of three lanterns look like they have a patina on them over hundreds of years of sitting outside.  They can hang on the wall or be placed on the ground.  So versatile and beautiful. 

Reclaimed Wood Prarie Lantern
All you need is a horse and buggie and your set!  Hang several in your back yard to light up the night. 

Rustic Stackable Wooden Bin
This could not be any cooler!  A great way to display bread, bagels and more in the kitchen or place next to a bathroom sink with rolled up white washcloths for guests to use to dry their hands. 

Wire Basket Milk Bottle Vase
Wouldn't it be cool if we still had fresh milk delivered to our doors!  Fill these up with milk for your kids and add a colorful straw.  Add some cereal and they can have a great breakfast.  Well shoot, they would just look amazing displayed on your counter!  

The below accessories are from a unique shop named "Bits of Vintage". WWW.BITSOFVINTAGE.COM  I have chosen a few items that are inspired by Joanna's design and be easily incorporated into your existing decor.  

Set of Two Chicken Wire Baskets
Magazines, fruit, candles, or just plain by themselves, you can't go wrong with these Chicken Wire Baskets. 

Found Seltzer Bottle
Imagine all the soda pop that was created from these Seltzer Bottles back in the day.  Today they make a great conversation piece on a counter or anywhere around your home. 

French Inspired Metal Post Box

What can I say, this might be my favorite piece, just love mail delivered in one of these.  Hang inside next to your key rack and keep important papers in there or fresh flowers on a special day. 

Start small, great design takes time.  Enjoy!