Inspired By Joanna Gaines |Fixer Upper|PART ONE|PAINT

Source | Sherwin Williams | Neutral Nuance
I have decided to write a small series called "Inspired by Joanna Gaines". Many of us are in love with her simplistic style and re purposed decor. Today's post will focus on colors she has used in her fixer uppers that I have found throughout searching the Internet.  You will notice in all of the episodes, Joanna uses a very neutral color palette on the walls consisting of whites and grays.  Something to notice about paint colors is:

- Whites and Grays can have undertones of blue and green in them. 
- The vintage farmhouse look is simplistic and wall colors are
  mostly white and gray with green and blue undertones. 
  Do not pick a white with yellow in it. 

- Choose a sheen in eggshell. Joanna uses the Sherwin Williams colors a lot in her design.  I have included paint color names as well as numbers when referencing these colors. My advice if you like her look is to start small. Begin your transformation in a guest bedroom or bathroom until you are comfortable with how the wall color, accessories and wall art look. 
Once finished, move to a different room and space.  Don't overwhelm yourself and feel you have to do it all at one. Good design takes time and planning and it can be achieved with a little patience! This is just a sample of colors she has used but it is a great start for inspiration.  

Inspired by Joanna Gaines|Fixer Upper|PART TWO|COMING SOON
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Joanna Gaines Fixer Upper Paint Colors. 

Click each color to see it in a room!  Enjoy

The best advice I can give you is to choose 3 paint colors that you like. Get a small sample of each and then paint a small section on EACH wall in the room where you would like to paint. Wall colors will look different based on time of day and how much light enters the room.  Then narrow it down to 2 colors and finally the color you feel is best for your space. When painting a sample color on the wall, don't make it a perfect edged shape, fan it out throughout so when you paint over it, there will not be any distinct lines where you put your sample.