My Very First Furniture Makeover. Vintage Dresser and Mirrors

It all began with a shopping trip to our local Habitat for Humanity Restore with my friend Amanda.  When I shop for pieces I want to makeover I look for the following:

1.  I always FIRST check for dovetail joints in the drawers.  This 
    is a sure sign of a quality piece. 

2.  I try to stay away from furniture that is put together with 
    nails or staples.  

3.  Open drawers to make sure all hardware is attached, slide 
    drawers in and out to make sure tracks are good. 

4.  Check to see if there is a veneer overlay and if is peeling off. 
    If so, stay away! Paint is difficult to adhere to veneer. 

5.  Check for broken off pieces at corners and look for peeling and
    warping at the bottom of furniture.

6.  When drawers and doors are open, smell for smoke.  Even painted, 
    the smoke smell always comes through and the paint won't stick 
    to a piece that has cigarette smoke soot on it.  

6.  Lift it up a little.  Is it heavy or light?  A good heavy piece 
    is a sign of quality workmanship.

Here is the before photo.  I always say: "This one has good bones".  That really means it is a good quality piece of furniture and it will look amazing once it has a paint makeover.

Simple steps to guarantee a great paint job

1.  Lightly sand with 180 grit sanding block or use liquid sander 
    (Klean-Strip Easy Liquid Sander)

2.  Use a chalky finish paint (Annie Sloan, Valspar, or make your
    own with calcium carbonate recipe)

3.  Use a foam cabinet and door roller kit in various sizes (Add
    aluminum foil in paint tray for easy clean up)

4.  Distress edges and raised areas using a small hand sander and 
    sand paper with grit under 100. 

5.  My favorite antique wax hands down is from Annie Sloan.  

6.  You can either use a Polycrylic protective finish or a clear 
    furniture wax for protection.  Again, my favorite is Annie 
    Sloan clear wax. 

7.  Remember that your piece has to cure for 30 days.  In this time
    it can get scratched so be careful! 

Its Friday night so take the weekend to give your favorite piece of furniture the makeover it deserves!  Email me pictures I would love to see your creativity!   Happy Painting!  

I just loved how this piece came out.  It is now in a little girls bedroom looking beautiful!