You Can Make Your Small Living Room Appear Larger- A great article from BHG

What first drew my attention to this photo was the beautiful neutral palette of grey, coral and ivory.  

 A few designer tricks used in the photo that you can do at home!  

1.  Hang your curtains close to the ceiling.  These windows are very tall but even if you have low windows, when you hang your curtains almost to the top, the room appears taller and larger. 

2.  The sofa is one solid color and the chairs are another solid color.  You can accent color with pattern throw pillows and change out as needed.  

3.  Notice the use of brass throughout.  It is on the coffee and end table legs as well as in the bird accessories and the candlesticks on the fireplace. 

4.  Take another glance on the sides of the windows.  Those are MIRRORS!  See how they appear to be windows and automatically make the room look more open and the frames blend with the wall.  

5.  The best way to create a space like an designer is to mix and match furniture styles and accessories.  Furniture collections should be different.  The arms on the sofa are different from the chairs.  The coffee table and end table are different too but still blend well.  

Click the photo to be taken directly to Better Homes and Gardens to read all about how to make your small living room appear larger!