Chip and Joanna Gaines Farmhouse Tour Presented by Good Housekeeping

I was so excited when I found this 24 page photo article on the Chip and Joanna Gaines farmhouse presented by Goodhousekeeping Having every room of the farmhouse shown in one article really allows you to examine each and every room and get some great ideas! Click Below on the image to be taken directly to to read about this great little farmhouse and be inspired by the simplistic and rustic decor. 


Some of my favorite design in the farmhouse are:

- The brick paver floors in the entryway.
- The use of galvanized metal  and wood throughout each room. 
- The beautiful wood floors.
- Found objects and old signs as wall decor. 
- Wire baskets and objects.
- The use of chandeliers in other areas besides the dining room.
- Simplistic curtain panels in solid colors. 

I am almost finished composing Part Four | Textiles in the short series on getting the farmhouse look that we all love!  Check back soon for updates!