Inspired by Joanna Gaines | Fixer Upper | PART FOUR| TEXTILES

What is a textile?

Textiles are a very important part of a home because textiles add softness and comfort to an interior space.  Textiles are materials made from natural or synthetic fibers.  The include animal based materials such as wool and silk, plant based such as linen and cotton and synthetic based such as polyester and rayon.  In your home textiles include items such as rugs, curtains, pillows, towels and furniture. 

Interior decorating style is often achieved through the use of textiles and the patterns on the fabrics of textiles throughout your home.  If you want to use a certain color palette you would highlight that palette through curtains, rugs, and pillows as well as your accessories.  

Here are my tips for creating the Joanna Gaines Fixer Upper Farmhouse style by using textiles.  

- Upholstered Furniture  White and Ivory Slipcovers and furniture in a natural cotton fabric. Ikea Ektorp sofa (starting at $399)and as well as the Ikea Stocksund chair ($349) both have the comfy farmhouse feel with removable slipcovers and the cost won't break the bank.  You can also purchase different covers to change the look as well. Sofas can also be grey or a warm neutral color.  Accent chairs can have a slight muted pattern or a solid color as well. 

Sanburne Parquet Curtain Panel
- Curtains- Nothing brightens up a room like white and ivory curtains, solid colors to achieve the farmhouse look.  If there is a pattern, it is very simple and the contrasting color is also very light.  Gone are the days that we hand curtains right above the window.  These days, curtains should be hung at a minimum of 96" from the floor.  I love to hang curtains as high as possible with a 120" curtain being my favorite.  High curtains give the appearance of a larger room and taller ceilings.  If you visit most model homes, the curtains are hung as high as possible, sometimes right below the ceiling.  

- Pillows- Pillows in neutral colors and OMG BURLAP! I love a burlap looking pillow especially one that has a fun saying or print.  To continue the farmhouse look of simplicity, make sure pillows are a light neutral color with nothing too bright!

- Rugs- In most farm house homes you will see wood floors.  They can be 100 year old wood or engineered wood.  A great way to soften up the space and anchor a seating arrangement is to add a rug. I'm not talking about your
grandma's rug that is printed and bold, I'm talking about a neutral shag rug or a rug that blends with its environment. People think that when you have wood floors, you need a rug everywhere.  This not not the case.  Place a rug at your door entrance and in front of a sofa and seating arrangement. Let those beautiful hardwoods shine through. Here is a great article on how to choose the best rug for your space.   


- Towels- Simple as this..... WHITE.... enough said.  Plush white towels are a must! Nothing evokes the comfort of a nice shower or bath like a plush white towel. 

Textiles are an important aspect of decorating every room in your house. Start Small- Great design takes time- Enjoy!