Antique Window, Vintage China Hutch and Reclaimed Barn Wood FoyerProject

This entire project started with an empty foyer, a large china hutch and an old window.  My original plan was to only have a hutch in the foyer and paint and wallpaper the inside. When I purchased it, it was very light gray with silver handles.  Once I put it in the foyer it was just too tall and bulky.  

I then got this window off of the local neighborhood Facebook buy, sell, trade site.  Now to decide what to do with these to pieces to make the foyer what I wanted it to be.  I loved the window just the way it was and only cleaned it off and wiped down the glass.  I took the top hutch part off so it could become a buffet and look at the next photo to see what happened.  
When I took the top off. this large open area was now showing, so what is a girl to do?  I have always been a girl to use chalk finish paint and roll it on but with this many nooks and crannies and the fact that I am a little impatient, I decided to use a satin spray paint.  This is the ONLY spray paint I use. It sprays so soft and smooth and even.  This came in a satin finish but I knew once I was finished distressing and sanding it would look just as good as pieces I have painted with chalk finish paint.  

All done painting, just got a little on the grass. LOL. This only took two cans of paint, mainly because the buffet was already a light gray.  

Woah!  The finished product already!  I'll guide you through each piece and where they came from and why I placed them where I did. 
1.  I first centered the painted buffet where I wanted it. When doing a wall arrangement, always place your furniture first and then work your wall pieces around it.  You can see I placed the arrangement a little larger than the buffet itself. 

2.  I then took scraps of reclaimed barn wood and made a design to cover the open holes made by the missing hutch top.  The reclaimed wood was $1 each and I also used it in the restroom sign above a door in our house, these are the missing pieces so all that wood cost me about $3.  
3.  I bought the large candle holder at Goodwill, it is from Party Lite and only cost $6.  I sprayed it with the same white paint and then distressed it with sandpaper.  

4.  I used another smaller piece of the reclaimed wood and placed the three small mason jar candles on it with battery operated votives.

5.  The greenery ball and the burlap jar did not come together.  I purchased them from Goodwill on separate occasions.  Notice how I grouped everything in the middle and there are varying heights.  It took me a few times of arranging things to get this composition but I totally love it.  

4.  The welcome sign to the right is from one of my favorite new stores.  You can find the welcome sign and so many vintage replicas and found items at www.bits of (click HERE to be taken directly to the store) or click the Bits of Vintage Photo on the left of the website).

5.  I just added picture hangers to the back of the window and it is such a statement piece!

6.  The beautiful sign is from and you can get it HERE She has a large variety of wooden signs for very reasonable prices and shipping is so reasonable.   I loved the meaning of this piece and people can read it as soon as the enter my home.  

7.  The last piece is an old tin wall hanging from Southern Living at Home.  It originally came brown but I painted it with the same white paint and added antique wax and distressed it with sandpaper until I was happy with the look.  

I have the darker black pieces on the outside and then the handles of the buffet are black.  Everything else is white or off white.  I arranged the pieces on the floor until I found a composition arrangement that I thought looked great!
This is the 6.00 Party Lite candle holder from Goodwill. The flameless candle on the inside is from QVC. I have these flameless candle all over the house and what I love about them is that thy flicker like a real flame and they are on timers. 
Notice the reclaimed wood that the mason jar candle votives are sitting on has a darker tone, this is the leftover scrap wood from the restroom sign.  You can read about that creation HERE.

Start small, great design takes time, Enjoy!