6 Tips While Decorating Your Table for Fall- Not Your Ordinary Thanksgiving Tablescape

Be thankful for what you have. Your life, no matter how bad you think it is, is someone else's Fairy Tale.  - Wale Ayeni. 

This Thanksgiving tablescape is filled with bold color, pattern and is far from what you would expect the Thanksgiving dinner table to look like. As stated in the previous article, I try to use what I have on hand around the house and go from there.  I used this tablecloth for Christmas one year and I decided to try it out for Thanksgiving and loved it!

1.LAYERING- The table is filled with multiple staggered layers which is the key to every successful tablescape.  The base is the cranberry patterned tablecloth.  Next, we have the two burlap placemats on either side of the black tray.  The other various layers consist of the plates, the pears on the plates and all of the decor in the middle, Even the candle holders hanging from the center are considered a layer. As long as you create a sense of balance on both sides of the table with your decor, you can't go wrong. 

2.Various Colors- Using various, but complementary colors also is key to a great looking table.  The main colors used here are red and black.  The coordinating colors are the white and blue plates, the brown in the metal pumpkins as well as the silver in the hanging candle holders. The fresh pears on the plates and the squash in middle make a great accent and can be eaten later. Do you notice the fresh cranberries in the candle holder in the middle? 

3. Focal Point-  When we think of a focal point, it is usually in a room.  However, this table has a focal point as well. Usually, 1-3 items are placed in the center of the table, but this goes way beyond that. The fall tablescape featured before had matching items the whole way across the table with two heights and no height in the middle. This design has the tall red and black flowers in the middle and then the heights taper down on each side. This table has a sense of balance but is not symmetrical due to the close but varying heights throughout the middle. 

4. Mixture of Textures- Texture is more than just fabrics, it is everything around us. Mixing up multiple textures throughout your table is a great addition to adding interest.  In this table we have a cotton tablecloth and napkins, burlap placemats, glass candleholders, and ceramic plates. Lastly, there is metal/iron in the pumpkins, the squash holders, and the vase as well as the hammered hanging holders and fresh fruit and vegetables. 

5.Mixture of Shapes- Another way to add interest to any tablescape is to have a mixture of shapes throughout the table. This table has a white round dinner plates but a blue square salad plate.  We have also mixed the place settings up by adding completely different dinner plates and salad plates on the end. As long as you do this in pairs you are all set! Take a look at all of the shapes throughout the table like the round pumpkins, square holders for the the squash and the y shape flower holder in the middle.  It just all works together perfectly. Adding various shapes is not very noticeable but adds such dramatic impact to the tablescape as a whole. 

6. Mixture of  Drinkware- Although there is not any glasses on this table, I always like to mix up the shapes and sizes of the drink glasses and even the wine glasses. When using this design element,  make sure there is a match for every glass you use and place them on opposite sides.  For example, find two of the same drinking glasses and two of the same wine glasses.  Place them on opposite ends of the table on opposite sides. This way there is a sense of balance.   Personally, I have around 20 wine glasses and they are all different.  If you use this method, just choose ones of similar height and shape. 

7. Think out of the Box- This is what makes your tablescape unique and your own.  Every single holiday and every single year, you can create something different, just take a chance and try something different!  It can be so much fun thinking of creative ways to make your gathering special! If you need a start, purchase a good set of white dishes, they can be used for EVERYTHING! Later in the year, I will show you some more festive tablescapes with the white dishes as well.  


Even my girls coordinate with the holiday- so much fun.  :-)


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