5 Tips for Decorating Your Table For Fall - It's All About Layering to Create an Eye Catching Tablescape!

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice, 
That's What Fall Tablescapes Are Made Of!

Hi Everyone!  Although I live in Florida and we really don't have fall, looking at these pictures remind me of cooler weather, a soft blanket, hot chocolate, friends, and family!  I thought I would write an article on how to decorate your table for fall.  Whether it is a casual dinner outside or Thanksgiving dinner with your family, these tips will make your guests go WOW when they sit down to eat...

I just love this simple outdoor tablescape. The great thing about this is that all of the items on the table were already in my home, so I did not have to spend a penny (Well, I purchased the flowers). I always decorate a table for the holidays and large get together. They are all unique and have a theme. I mix new and old items and spend as least as possible. I'll walk you this one and explain how it was created.


1.  First, think of the holiday or event. 
(this is a given lol). Since this was for an outdoor gathering   around fall, I wanted to use certain colors to match the environment. Personally I don't use the "Typical Colors" say red and green for Christmas or brown and orange for Thanksgiving, I use similar colors in the color family or something completely unexpected. In this case I stuck with brown, green, orange.

2.  Make a list of how many guests and what you will be serving. 

This is a serious,important step because you want to have enough room for your guests to eat comfortably as well as room for your serving dishes. You should also figure out the table configuration if you will be adding tables.  Since this was only a seating for eight and it was on a park picnic bench, there was not too much to think about there.   

3.Look around the house for table decorations.  

I'll walk around the house finding items that I believe will look good and create a pile next to the table so I can pull from it as needed.  In this case, everything on this table I already had. The best thing is that with the exception of the white tablecloth and the burlap piece,EVERYTHING WAS PURCHASED FROM GOODWILL! Yes you heard me correctly. This just shows you that you can achieve an
amazing look without spending a lot of money.  
4. Layer, Layer, Layer.                                        
I would say by far this is the most important aspect of creating an visually amazing tablescape. Many times in pictures I see the same ole same ole tablecloth, then plate, napkin and that's it.  Oh, and the centerpiece (usually flowers)  with the two candles on the side. This is typical and doesn't create a cozy dining environment. As you can see, this table has multiple layers.  I suggest starting off with a solid tablecloth, For this I used white because that is what I had.  Next, I placed a runner down the middle, burlap because it went with the theme but usually a pattern that coordinates. 
Then, on this table I added... vintage floral dinner plates from Goodwill ($1.50)
I love adding something unexpected. I always place my napkins on the plates this way.  Next, even if we do not need a salad or bread plate, I add it anyway.  I just think the dinner plate looks naked without it. The final two items are a pine cone on the smaller plate that holds the name plate( got those from outside) and some type of name tag or ornamental piece. I have a bunch of these old Indiana tea glasses that look awful alone but with matching colors they look spectacular!(.99 each) As you can see I pull each plate to the edge of the table and add the silverware neatly to the side. 
5.  Adding centerpieces.                                                
The big trick is to add your decor from end to end OR add your decor ALMOST to the end, maybe 1 foot or more to add somewhere to put the serving pieces. As you can see, I have 2 layers of the same height centerpieces.  I chose to do three mason jars and three round tree slabs in between. I found random ribbon around the house which is actually a peach lace. Adding various layers draws the eye to the middle of the table. I love the tarts on the Tree platters. You could always place candles there as well. So, you can either do a simple two layers or several. 
Another way to create the centerpiece is to start high in the middle with something tall and taper down on size each side.(You will see this in my Thanksgiving tablescape in Part II) BUT either way, you should have equal height items on both sides so it does not look wonky.  I try to have the same item on each side so it looks equal. You need to also use a variety of shapes and sizes and materials. Here we mix glass with wood. 

I hope you learned a few tricks that you can use next time you are preparing a table for a get together.  Let me know if you have any questions.  :)


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