Inspired by Joanna Gaines | Fixer Upper | PART FIVE | KITCHEN HARDWARE

I searched and searched through all of the photos from the Fixer Upper episodes and noted the cabinet hardware used in the kitchens and it all comes down to a few basic styles that Joanna uses. The little touches like the cabinet hardware make big differences. 


The first style of hardware I noticed was knobs on the doors and pulls on the drawers.  They varied in colors including brushed nickel, chrome and black depending on the cabinet colors and the accents in the kitchen. One kitchen that had copper faucets and lighting also had copper hardware on the cabinets. There wasn't a theme to what color hardware went with what color cabinets, it just all depended what else was in the kitchen.  

When choosing a pull for your drawer, a 3" center pull is a good place to start with size. The overall length on these will be approximately 3.5". These styles of pulls are very reasonably priced and can achieve the exact same look as some as the more expensive ones.  My opinion is that since they all are shaped the same with the same finish, purchase ones priced well and spend the extra money on an area of the kitchen that will be more noticeable.  So, to make this one easy to remember:

         - PULLS ON THE DRAWERS (also called bin pulls) 
     - KNOBS ON THE CABINET DOORS (also called mushroom knobs)


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Going off topic, many kitchens these days are designed with a different color/style island that is not the same as the base cabinets. 


The second type of hardware I saw on the kitchen cabinets was a bar on the cabinet door and a bar on the drawer.  The hardware on the drawers was not always the same size. These bar pulls range in various sizes and you would have to try a few to see what looks best in length for the width and size of your cabinets. Sometimes the drawer bar hardware was longer than the cabinet drawer and vice versa.  These types of bar pulls tend to be more expensive than the above pulls because of the various sizes you would use in your kitchen. When choosing a bar pull, I would find a style that is available in different lengths.  The below pulls are different lengths but the finish and cmanufacturer are the same. An easy way to remember this second type:


(Click images below to be taken directly to Wayfair)

The top are the 5" Center Bar Pull From GlideRite Hardware
The bottom are the 9" Center Pull Bars From GlideRite Hardware

Start Small- Great Design Takes Time- Enjoy!

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