Halloween Deco Mesh Wreath $15 in supplies (Dollar Tree and Joann Crafts) and FABULOUS when finished!

I just love making these colorful and festive deco mesh wreaths and with Halloween a few days away I wanted to share this with ya'll. Thanksgiving and Christmas are around the corner and the supplies you will need are now available in stores.  Here are a few photos to show you how easy it was to make and I hope it will inspire you to create your own.  
I have made several of these and by far, using the striped mesh is my favorite because it comes in one roll and all of the festive colors are represented!  This means I don't have to add multiple solid layers to achieve the look I want.  I first started out with a 18" wire frame and the deco mesh roll from Joann Crafts.  The pipe cleaner ties and all of the embellishments are from Dollar Tree. The embellishments include the center ornament, the ribbon and all of the festive decor around the wreath which is the spiders and the foam letters.  
I then cut all of the pipe cleaners in half and this pack was plenty for one wreath with many to spare for another.  You tube is filled with DIY videos on how to create a wreath so when I first began making these, I watched several random ones and learned techniques from each of the ladies in the videos. 
This one roll of mesh was enough for one an a half wreaths.  This means you can make three wreaths with plenty of fluff and fullness from two rolls of mesh.  The striped mesh is normally around 12.99 and I only purchase it when it is 50% off.  I am also a classroom teacher so I always save an additional 15% off.  This style of mesh goes fast so I stock up while I can and even if I have leftover for next year that is fine because then I can get an early start.  The total project takes about an hour from start to finish and then it is ready to hang on the front door!  
Tips and tricks I have learned while making these fun and festive deco mesh wreaths. 

1.  You MUST use the 21 inch roll of mesh.  Do not try to use the smaller sizes.  Even when you use multiple colors of the smaller sizes, you just don't get a full wreath when using the longer one. 

2.  Dollar Tree has all of the festive ribbon you will ever need and even though the spools are shorter, the value for your money is the best and you only need about half a spool for your wreath. 

3.  The ribbon you use must be WIRED.  This is very important because it adds dimension to your wreath and you can also shape it to fill in gaps when needed.  I always use approximately 4-5 different types of ribbon for each wreath.

4.  I never tie the pipe cleaner closed or cut it off after I wrap the mesh.  I leave it open so then I can quickly add the ribbon to each section

5.  Use a lighter to heat seal the ends of your ribbon.  Be careful with this but it makes a huge difference and allows your wreaths to stay in tip top shape.

6.  I tie AND hot glue the center piece in the middle.  

7.  Do not store the wreaths flat or with anything on top of them. The mesh will flatten quickly and is hard to get fluffy again.  I have mine hanging on command hooks in the garage.  Then, I just take them down and they are ready again the next year. 

8.  Use a hot glue gun or E-6000 for the embellishments. 

8.  Finally, HAVE FUN and admire your creativity for years to come!

Start Small- Great Design Takes Time- Enjoy!

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