Gobble Gobble this Thanksgiving Deco Mesh Wreath Up!

Here I am again, totally addicted to making and displaying these holiday themed deco mesh wreaths! As soon as Halloween was finished I put up the new Fall/Thanksgiving wreath and I just smile when I look at it.  Read below and I'll show you how it was made. 
 The materials used to make this wreath were:
    - 18 inch round wire wreath frame from Joann ($1.50)
     - 21 inch striped deco mesh roll from Joann ($6.50)
     - Center "Gobble Gobble" turkey wood embellishment from Dollar Tree ($1.00)
     - One maple leaf pack from Dollar Tree ($1.00)
     - 5 rolls of ribbon from Dollar Tree (I have tons left over) ($5.00)
     - Pipe cleaners cut in half from Dollar Tree ($1.00)

Total Cost for project - $16.00

The dollar tree didn't have any embellishments I could add around the wreath so I just doubled up on the amount of ribbon I used and added the maple leafs.  I am completely happy with how it turned out. If you aren't sure how to make one, just check out a few You Tube Videos and search, "Deco Mesh Wreath". One roll will have left over mesh so for every two rolls you buy, you should be able to make three wreaths.
I love the striped mesh because it has the different metallic stripes that sparkle and are really eye catching!
Make sure to use WIRED ribbon when making your wreath
Start Small- Great Design Takes Time- Enjoy! 

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