The Perfect Vintage Baby Shower Tablescape!

I came across these photos of a beautiful vintage baby shower and wanted to share how easy it can be to create an amazing tablescape with items you can find at thrift stores and on line shopping.  I am such a firm believer that beauty is not expensive, it's just a matter of using unique elements as well as a mixture of color, texture and height.  I hope you enjoy the photos and are inspired! 

The centerpiece is a vintage baby scale and wooden baby blocks purchased from ebay.  The crochet doilies add softness to the metal baby scale. 

Mixing Vintage dishes adds such charm to any table. 

The tablecloth is a piece of chevron fabric from a local craft store.  This is a great example of how old and new mingle perfectly together.  The yellow and green vintage children's books are also part of the centerpiece on the other side of the scale. 

The theme of the baby shower was "Cute As A Button" so a variety of buttons were used as table scatter as well as on top of the twine around the napkins.  

The fabric pennant was made from various patterns and colors of fabric and can be used time and time again.  

Crochet doilies were also used under each place setting to add another layer to the table.  

These vintage goblets can easily be found at thrift stores.  I have been collecting them for years and have about 50 on hand!  They come in a smaller and larger size and can be mixed and matched for any occasion. 

The key to a great looking table is adding pieces of different heights to create interest. 

Vintage cotton napkins of several colors were used.  

The great part is that now you have these items and once the shower is finished you can keep them or resell them! The fabric on the table has been used for multiple different themed parties.  The dishes can be used for a girls tea party, a bridal shower or for Sunday brunch.  The possibilities are endless. 

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