The Vintage Traveler Tablescape

Let's go on an Adventure- with a vintage suitcase, ceramic birds and more stunning vintage items to create a beautiful vintage travel inspired tablescape! I am using the same dishes, glasses and silverware that you have seen in my previous tablescape posts to show you how versatile dishes can be used to create so many unique themes.  

I picked up this vintage suitcase at Goodwill and even though it is avacado green, when paired with the right decor looks fabulous!  I always like to layer the centerpieces to add height as well as texture. The first layer of the centerpiece is the cloth tablecloth.  Next, the suitcase, then another layer of fabric and finally the bird cage with the ceramic bird.  I also added the vintage salt and pepper shaker to the top of of the suitcase to add a different layer of height.  This centerpiece is a great way to seamlessly mix old and new decor to create something beautiful.  

I love how the gold trim and the silver on the luggage and silverware look together.  These rose plates with the fold trim are some of my favorite pieces.  I actually have 12 plates but of course I never put the same ones on the table together.  Each plate on the table has a crochet doily underneath and they are all different as well.  I try to add many textured fabric pieces to my tablescapes and many layers. 

I decided to place the napkins to the right of each place setting instead of in between the salad and dinner plate like I usually do.  These blue thumbprint goblets are heavy and perfect for any beverage. 

I have so many of these vintage hankies and they are just so pretty.  I picked ones with pink and blue to place on top of the suitcase to make it more feminine. The salt and pepper shakers are super cute! 

The avacado green water glasses and candy dish add to the color theme. 

Take a peek way down at the end of the table where you can see the coral candy dish with lid! 

No two plates on the table match.  I played with different combinations of salad and dinner plates 

Next time you are setting a table for a gathering, mix and match different pieces even if they are not vintage.  Centerpieces don't always have to be flowers and candles.  Look around your house to find something unique for the centerpiece and start from there!  

 Start Small- Great Design Takes Time- Enjoy! 

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